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Mimi Vouk (rhymes with folk) is a Canadian self-taught singer-songwriter from various places; Winnipeg, BC, Deep Creek, Northern Sun Farm, USA, Mexico… A traveler, who never stays in one spot for long, she infuses her songs with rich life experience from the art of the people around her, past relationships and political activism on issues of capitalism and climate change, with protest songs like “Is it Just Me?” She has a vulnerability and a depth and isn’t afraid to sing about past hardships, yet she’ll infect you with laughter in the same second with her dark-folk-pop state of mind.

Now, with over 100 original songs under her belt, she is embarking on a music project like no other; recording and releasing an anthology of her life’s work in backwards chronological order, starting with her first real debut album, just in time for the 2020’s.

“Is it Just Me?”

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