Mimi Vouk (rhymes with folk) is a Canadian self-taught singer-songwriter from various places; Winnipeg, BC, Deep Creek, Northern Sun Farm, USA, Mexico… A traveler, who never stays in one spot for long, she infuses her songs with rich life experience from the art of the people around her, her relationships and political issues of capitalism, war, inequality and climate change, with protest songs like “Is it Just Me?”, “Die Tryin’” and “Inconsolable World.”  

She has a vulnerability and a depth and isn’t afraid to sing about past hardships, yet she’ll infect you with laughter in the same second. Her juxtaposed haunted piano riffs and catchy folk-pop melodies will leave you swirling in a midsummer night’s dream.

At age 15, Vouk landed a deal with an Indie Record Label, releasing an album in 2006, which included credits from 4-time GRAMMY and 5-time Emmy Award winning producer and engineer Eric Schilling (Ziggy Marley, Shakira, Madonna) and went on to win “Best Emerging Recording Artist” at the FREC Awards in the United States, before coming back to Canada to follow her own path.

Now, with over 100 original songs under her belt, she is embarking on a music project like no other; recording and releasing an anthology of her life’s work in backwards chronological order, starting with her first real debut album, just in time for the 2020’s.


artist returns from underground songwriting laboratory with an epic project entitled "Back in time"

With over 100 original songs under her belt, singer-songwriter Mimi Vouk is embarking on a project like no other; recording and releasing an 8-album anthology of her life's work, with longtime guitarist John Deamel, in backwards chronological order, ending with the first song she ever wrote at the age of 8. Throughout this genre-bending journey, she will explore styles of folk, alternative, pop and rock, while revealing to you a lifetime of the innermost places of her heart.